What is kookfest?

Make sure to join us on Sunday, August 25 at Law Street's Palisades Park for our annual Kookfest surf competition.


Free entry!

Costumes & Foam Boards Required.

Trophy for Top Kook and Best Wave.

Be there!

What is a Kook? It’s hard to define what a Kook is, but you know one when you see one, and one thing is for sure, we have all been a Kook from time to time – some of us more than others!  

The whole idea for Kookfest came about quite organically in 2016 when Slick found an old beat-up foam board on the beach. Immediately, Slick thought, “We need to have an event where everyone dresses like “Kooks” and surfs on foam boards.” And so, it began. The event was planned for the last weekend in August 2016, and a community event was born.  Kookfest was originally titled “Homies With Foamies – Kookfest,” and since has simply become Kookfest.  

Kookfest is a free event for the community.  All are welcome to join.  To compete for the coveted “Da Kook” trophy, competitors must where a costume and ride a leashless foam surfboard - in essence, Kook-out!  Come and join us the last weekend in August, each year, show us your best Kook skills.